Answers for Atheists

The purpose of this site is to offer concise, 500-word responses to some of the common objections to Christianity. Categories include Jesus, hell, God, exclusivity, evil, evidence, and the Bible. Are you looking for answers?

 Answers for Atheists


  • Josiah Callahan

    Hey man, this is Josiah( Taylor’s boyfriend) , just wanted to let you know I love the site! Very well designed and a blessing to see so much truth to be able to direct someone to. I am a really big fan of Ray Comfort’s 180 movie and it was neat to see that here as well of the “good person test” using The Way of the Master witnessing.( Love Kirk Cameron’s videos) Also, the “Answers for Atheists” was awesome too. Thanks again for the cards and I will be praying the Lord uses your website like I know He can and will!

  • Ian Cunningham

    Hey Josiah, Thanks for the encouraging words…I’m glad you checked it out and found it as a helpful tool…spread the word.